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Setting up this blog using Oxygen theme

One problem arose. The Oxygen documentation says:

Login to your WordPress admin panel and navigate to “Pages -> Add New”. Fill in a page title – ‘Home’ for example (doesn’t really matter) and then click the “Template”dropdown list. Select “Front Page” and then click the “Publish” button.

But there’s no “Front page” template, so I don’t know how all the rest is going to work.

Then the documentation says:

  1. Start adding posts to your site from “Posts -> Add New”. Write title, text, images, video, etc. Choose category(-ies) and tags for the post. Then look at the bottom right panel and set a “Featured Image”. After all is done, there is just one final step – specific for this theme…
  2. Just under the “Featured Image” box, there is another one – titled “Location”. If it’s not there, then you need to enable it by clicking the “Screen Options” button (upper right corner) and checking “Location” – then it would appear. This is where you choose where the post should be displayed on the home page.

But, as the following image indicates, there’s no such screen option:

No "location" entry in Oxygen screen options dialogue!

No “location” entry in Oxygen screen options dialogue!

Oh well, hope springs eternal in the human trouserleg, I suppose.



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