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February 3: Candlemas

The start of the Nunc dimittis in the Très Ric...

The start of the Nunc dimittis in the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In church yesterday we celebrated Candlemas, the day when Jesus was presented in the Temple. It was a lovely service, presented by the children with great enthusiasm. I was reminded as I sat and worshipped, of the chapters of my book, Witnesses to Glory, in which I told the same story.

I also thought of Steve Ashley’s lovely Candlemas Carol, and Geoffrey Burgon’s Nunc Dimittis music, as played in the final credits of BBC TV’s serialisation of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy:

Gloria and I had some of our neighbours round for a little tea party in the afternoon, which was great fun, with a fund of stories about the New Toftshaw hamlet where they lived. I baked my own chocolate cake special recipe which seemed to go down well (I took half the cake to the morning service, only to find they had baked another, decorated all over with sugar doves).

Today, there’s a carers’ lunch for the Bradford and Shipley Parkinson’s members at the Noble Comb in Shipley: a really nice venue, with friendly staff and a good range of well-cooked, typical pub food at reasonable prices.


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