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February 18: Working on the Archive

I’ve been posting mainly to The Karl Dallas Archive of Contemporary and Popular Music in last few days, also setting up archive mirror at using Treepad technology (a brilliant database system; there’s a free/portable version HERE). Since I’ve been using the Treepad archive longer than the WordPress version, there are plenty of articles there not yet posted to WP.
Treepad has an interesting outlining structure, which is actually unique in my experience:

TParchiveWorking mainly on Floyd postings: Roger Waters (1982) and Dave Gilmour (1995) interviews, with audio of latter (Waters interview tapes are not accessible, cos they’re in Liverpool).
Pleasant Sat afternoon at Salts Mill viewing the Hockneys.
Also to Maplin for mic adapter to get better sound recording songs on laptop. G says I shd sing “proper” words to Funny Valentine so may re-record it.


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