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Second Thoughts on Against Religions

I’ve been having second thoughts about renaming my series of books on religions. My original title, Against Religions, was deliberately provocative, but also encompassed an important point: that Christianity is not a religious belief system, while the New Atheists like Richard Dawkins are essentially religious bigots, in form as well as content.
But I was concerned that declaring myself to be AGAINST religion might confuse those who know I am a Christian (“Has he lost his faith?”  etc), so I decided to retitle the series About Religions.
Two incidents have caused me to rethink this. First, a prominent local Christian said she preferred my original title. Then, another friend told me how his local vicar had told the congregation he wasn’t religious (reminding me that the Rev. Roger Simpson said much the same to me in my very earliest days as a new Christian, inspiring this whole train of thought).
What do you think? Please let me know.

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