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March 30: Windows 7 spontaneous reboot

I’ve just done a Windows 7 Ultimate reinstall on my HP Pavilion G series i5 laptop because it kept spontaneously rebooting, causing me to lose lots of work in progress. I got round it (sometimes) by continually resaving work, but I still lost what I’d done since the last resave.

So I spent most of the past 2 days reinstalling. I installed all the updates. I started work this morning and what d’you know, it happened again!

The machine came with Windows 7 Home Premium installed, so perhaps I should go back to that and see if it still happens.

Or perhaps I should “upgrade” to Windows8? All my instincts are not to do that, since everything I’ve read suggests it’s a bit of a dog, almost as bad as Windows ME turned out to be. And anyway, without a touchscreen, W8 doesn’t seem to have much of a point.

Windows 7 Restore Point report

Windows 7 Restore Point report

Alternatively, it could be a problem with the Windows 7 update procedures.

The screenshot at left shows what had just happened immediately prior to the reboot. So I’m going to try undoing that particular upgrade and see what happens.

My task for today was going to be backing up what I fondly believed to be a fully working system, but now I’m not so sure.


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