April 6: York fights back for the NHS


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I am not a great fan of set-piece demonstrations. We walk peacefully through the streets while the police look benignly on. The samba band drowns out the shouted slogans. The days of Aldermaston, when we were a singing movement, seem to be long gone.

But this thousand-strong demo was inspiring. And, what was more, it concluded with a speech which gave us something to DO. Oh yes, there were plenty of speeches telling us what we already knew, that the privatisation of the National Health Service was an attack on the poor.

One thing that struck me was the absence from the demo of the church. Since we set off from the Minster precinct, surely the Bishop could have led us. But the smiles of approbation as we circulated through the narrow streets (Gloria in her wheelchair) made the church’s dereliction of its Christ-commanded healing role pale into insignificance.

A nurse (sorry, I didn’t catch her name) told us we could opt-out of the new system by telling our GPs we wanted our notes to be tagged “NPP” (“No Private Providers”), using the following form:

GPopt-out form

You can download the appropriate form from, or copy/paste the image on this page. But actually, all you need to do is to drop a note in to the surgery.

If enough of us do this, we can make the privatisation scheme unworkable.

Let’s get to it!


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