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Join campaign to save Media Museum



What!? The world’s first Unesco City of Film may lose the jewel in its cinematic crown, the National Media Museum? On top of over a decade of neglect of its iconic Odeon cinema?

It’s to be hoped that all local MPs, councillors and anyone with the slightest interest in culture and the arts will support George Galloway MP’s welcome initiative to organise a rally outside the Museum at noon this coming Saturday.. But since the Media Museum is not only for Bradfordians, the campaign needs to be expanded nationally.
Because this threat is an outcome of the Government’s failed austerity policy, it is to be hoped that locals planning to attend the People’s Assembly Against Austerity on June 22, will take leaflets down to hand out to the thousand of delegates who will be there.
While the management of the Museum is not beyond criticism, it is quite ludicrous for Ian Blatchford, Director and Chief Executive of the Science Museum Group (which controls the Museum) to allege that it has “lost its way”. And to describe it as “a mediocre Museum” will astound the hundreds, from schoolkids to seniors, who throng its cinemas and exhibition halls daily.
Probably, the Museum management will not be able to play an active role in the campaign, but at the very least they could make available the Pictureville Cinema for a meeting of all the Friends of the Museum to express their opposition to Ian Blatchford’s closure plans.
Tune into the next Movietime, on June 26, for more info.

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