Bye-bye bike!


Selling my Muddy Fox Courier mountain bike on eBay was like selling out an old friend!

In the heyday of our love affair I used to cycle up to Hampstead Heath from Bloomsbury every dawn, swim two lengths in the Parliament Hill lido, then back home for breakfast of muesli, juice, and decaff.

It all went swimmingly until I got a cold and stayed in bed. I never swam in the lido again.

But my love affair with the bike wasn’t over. He came up to Bradford with me in 1989, and I enjoyed dropping down into the lowest of his 15 gears to cope with the hills. I even did some off-road biking.

Then, somehow, I stopped riding. Every spring I’d resolve to get him out and challenge the hills. I even bought a new helmet last time I was at Cropredy.

But, sadly, I decided to put him up on eBay, and a nice student from Sheffield came over to take him off my hands (and feet and bum). Apparently, he plans to ride for charity from Istanbul to Sheffield in August. He’s promised to send me some pix of his trip, which I’ll post here, if he makes it.

At the same time I sold Gloria’s wheelchair (she’s getting an electric one) and my good old Eko 12-string, which needed some attention.

I was a bit worried about selling it on the web. and made it very clear in its description that the neck had risen, so the action needed fixing. Well, the guy who bought it likes tinkering with guitars, apparently, and paid cash and collected it, to avoid the £50 carriage.

Only problem was, I forget to tell eBay the item had been paid for, and he was charged for the guitar price PLUS the carriage by PayPal. He was very nice about it and it was easy enough to get PP to refund him his money.

I only wish it was as easy to get a refund from PP for some Coffee Cup software that just doesn’t work. This is a continuing story, and I plan to post the full, unfortunate tale here, if it can’t be resolved.

Mean while, as the saying goes, Let the buyer beware!


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