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Kevin Spacey stunned by 9 Emmy nominations for House of Cards

Kevin Spacey thinks it’s “incredible” that his new TV show has been recognised so profoundly at the Emmy Awards this year.

The nominees for the 65th annual Emmy Awards were announced today by Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul and Neil Patrick Harris, who will host the ceremony on Sunday September 22.

Kevin’s Netflix show House of Cards was recognised in an impressive nine categories, including a nod for the Hollywood actor for best actor in a drama series.

“The fact that there’s been so much talk about whether the series would break through, would the Academy be able to recognise a series being discovered in such a new way, the fact that we not only did that but that we got nine nominations is an incredible acknowledgement of the work we’ve done,” he gushed, according to Variety.

“The pressure we feel about doing a great season two is pressure we’ve applied to ourselves. We have a very high bar and we’re having a really fun time putting together season two.”

Kevin is disappointed by one category though. The actor believes the show’s writer Beau Willimon was overlooked.

“I’m a little stunned that Beau Willimon hasn’t been recognised for writing,” he said. “None of us who have been nominated could have done what we did if Beau hadn’t put together this remarkable script. If people like this series, they like it because of the things we do and say.”

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