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Wolfman Jack – the 1980 interview

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I interviewed Wolfman Jack (AKA Robert Weston Smith) in the studios of Capital Radio off the Eston Road in London, and also appeared on his radio show in 1980 (accompanied by a witch from Streatham Hill).
We spent a long time talking about his forthcoming visit to Romania, and I promised to use my political contacts at the London embassy to facilitate his visit. But I don’t know if he ever went.
Despite his proteststion that he was never political, I got the impression of a guy with broadly left-wing views, as his story (no doubt embroidered) of how he took control of the Mexican radio station, XERB, going to US gunshops to buy weapons to defend it from pistoleros, illustrates.
I later extracted his “Top Ten” and played the tunes with his introductions on BCB radio.
He died on July 1, 1995 and is no doubt still howling up in heaven.

Hear the interview

Wolfman’s Top Ten

1. Temptations: My Girl
2. Little Antony & the Imperials: Tears on my pillow
3. The Impressions: It’s Alright
4. Sly & the Family Stone: Dance to the Music
5. Rolling Stones: Brown Sugar
6. Beatles: Long and Winding Road
7. Booker T & the MGs: Green Onions
8. Shirley & Lee: Let the Good Times Roll
9. Stevie Wonder: For Once In My Life
10. Four Seasons: Let’s Hang On


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