Gloria on her scooter

GJD2013-09-07scooterCUMy wife, Gloria, got herself an electric wheelchair but she couldn’t handle it. She has Parkinson’s and found her shaking hand made the joystick control wobble. She has now traded it in for an electric scooter, and is getting on with it much better.

She shares the following:

I had to have training to get a pass allowing me to take the scooter on to a bus, and yesterday, the First bus company sent along my own personal bus, and a personal trainer (Andy) to show me how to get the scooter on and off the bus and manoeuvre it into its place – quite difficult, because there’s a vertical handrail in the way.

But I managed it four or five times. Imagine it – just me! Andy was very helpful and wore the same bright yellow high-viz Dayglo jacket as me.

Karl sat and watched and said he could see how I improved as I came on and off the bus four or five times. Getting on and off without the lesson would have been impossible.

Before the training session Karl and I went up Shetcliffe Lane a couple of times, managing to drive the scooter mostly on the pavement,
though cars are parked there. I banged into Karl’s foot once but no damage was done.

It’s all been a bit stressful, but I feel happier with the scooter than the power chair.

Here’s a brief video of Gloria coming into her driveway.


One thought on “Gloria on her scooter

  1. Glad you managed to solve the problem for Gloria’s mobility. Until the final year of her life (91st), an electric scooter made a helluva difference to my Mum though she scared everyone racing around Shipley in the style of Fangio and occasionally navigating across the Bradford Road to Northcliffe. She fell off it once or twice and almost everyone told her she had to stop using it; I said I’d rather she was out and about even if at some danger to herself than stuck at home where she would have been miserable. Impressed about the bus co; I didn’t know they did that.


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