Lost your Windows password? No probs . . .

I decided to resurrect an old Windows 7 desktop PC but couldn’t remember the password.


No probs, though. I went to this link to download the Lazesoft !”recover my password” wizard:

The program is not the only password recovery app out there, but it’s the user-friendliest, in my experience.

Here’s what you do:

Go to to download the software.

Put a blank CD in your disc drive (I’m assuming you’re drive can burn CDs – otherwise you can use a flash drive instead).

Run the software, which burns itself to the CD.

Then, go to the machine you need the password(s) for – yes, it will manage all the passwords, if you have the PC set up for multiple users.

Boot up the problem machine and press either <DEL>, <ESC>, or <F10> to enter the bios settings and ensure that it will boot from CD (or flash drive, if that’s what you’ll be using. (Different hardware uses different keys to get into the bios, but the three I’ve quoted are the most common.)

Reboot the machine with the Lazesoft disc in the drive. Pretty soon, it will display a dialogue like this:

Type in the username, click on <RESET/UNLOCK> for each username (make sure they are exactly what’s displayed from the Windows login screen), click on <FINISH> and


All passwords have been removed, and you can boot up without them. Don’t forget to remove the Lazesoft CD before you reboot.


Since it may not be a good idea to leave the PC without password protection, it’s a good idea to set up new password(s) without delay.


4 thoughts on “Lost your Windows password? No probs . . .

  1. I have tried the software but it doesn’t work! After restarting my computer, it still asks for a password! Eventually I successfully removed my lost Windows login using another program – PCUnlocker.


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