Leap Motion – almost a touchscreen

Leap Motion Controllers Now Available at Maplin Electronics Stores

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Want to turn your standard lap/desktop PC into a tablet-like touchscreen? Look no further, since for a mere £69.99 you can achieve much the same thing by just waving your hands in front of the screen.

Though we haven’t yet evaluated the effectiveness of using the Leap Motion Controller to “play, learn, and create on computers using your hands in the air” – but we hope to do so real soon now – its spec is certainly exciting. And it’s only on sale in Maplin stores right now.

A press release from RealMotion puts it like this:

San Francisco – August 29, 2013

Leap Motion™ today announced that Maplin Electronics has become the first retailer to sell the Leap Motion™ Controller in the UK and Ireland.

“Maplin’s ability to showcase Leap Motion to customers in the UK and Ireland makes them a great partner for us” said Leap Motion President and COO Andy Miller. “It’s an ideal place for even more customers to experience a new way to play, learn, and create on their computers just by using their hands in the air.”

Since the Leap Motion Controller launched globally on July 22, customers around the world have been using it to play games, learn in 3D, create music and art, and more. App downloads from Leap Motion’s Airspace™ Store passed 1 million within three weeks of the Leap Motion Controller’s launch, and more than 25,000 developers have downloaded Leap Motion’s free SDK to design applications that let users interact with their computers in fascinating new ways—from taking apart and exploring a molecule to controlling their favorite games with just the swipe of a finger.

“Maplin has a 41 year history of bringing cutting edge and exciting electronics innovation to market, and now we’re bringing a fun new technology to our PC and Mac customers with the Leap Motion Controller,” said John Cleland, CEO of Maplin Electronics. “Leap Motion is taking the world by storm and we’re delighted to become the first store in the UK to bring Leap motion to the high street.”

The Leap Motion Controller works with computers running Mac OS X 10.7 or 10.8, or Windows 7 or 8. It requires a minimum Intel Core™ i3 or AMD Phenom™ II processor, 2 GB RAM, a USB 2.0 port and Internet connection.

The Leap Motion Controller retails for £69.99 at Go to <CTRL>-<V> for the latest IT news and views.

About Leap Motion, Inc.

Leap Motion™ provides the world’s most powerful and sensitive touch-free 3D motion-control and motion-sensing technology. Leap Motion’s proprietary technology, invented by co-founder David Holz, can track the movement of both hands and all 10 fingers with up to 1/100th millimeter accuracy and no visible latency. The Leap Motion™ Controller is a small USB device available for $79.99 (£69.99). The Leap Motion technology can easily embed into other consumer and enterprise hardware. For more information, visit Leap Motion and Airspace are trademarks of Leap Motion, Inc.

via LeapMotion | Our Story | Press Releases.

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