Only £69.99 – OmniPage Ultimate deal

Convert paper files into searchable, editable documents and automate document routing with ease. The perfect choice to maximise

Only £69.99* Was £299.99

Exceptional upgrade offer expires 30th September 2013

Download now Physical shipment

NEW! Superior Accuracy
Improved OCR engines deliver an increase of 25% in the OCR accuracy of digital camera images. Documents look exactly like the original and are easy to edit.

NEW! ePub output format compatible with popular tablets and eBook readers

NEW! Natural sounding output to MP3 audio file

NEW! OmniPage Launchpad interface opens very quickly for fast conversions at your fingertips! Create your conversion workflow with three clicks and start processing! It’s never been easier.

FREE! PaperPort Professional 14 (a £99.99 value) transforms your piles of scanned paper, Word and Excel files, photos, and PDF files into cleanly organised folders.

“… For power users, though, OmniPage is now better than ever, and is quite probably the best OCR package on the market. Its many strengths include its cloud features and the DocuDirect program…”
PC Advisor – May 2013

OmniPage Ultimate includes PaperPort Professional 14 and PDF Create 8 **

PDF create 8 a £49.99 value!
PaperPort Professional 14 a £99.99 value!

And much more

OmniPage Ultimate delivers unprecedented levels of accuracy, revolutionary new features and whole new areas of functionality. You’ll get new network scanning and routing, the most accurate document capture from your digital camera or iPhone, simple scanning and conversion to the cloud, paper to digital form
conversion with automatic data collections, and more…
So don’t delay – upgrade now for only £69.99*!

Only £69.99* Was £299.99

Exceptional upgrade offer expires 30th September 2013

Download now Physical shipment

Order by phone 0871 641 2212

* This offer is valid until 30 September 2013. Savings demonstrated over full product SRP. Shipping and handling not included. Price only valid if purchased through online shop Prices of other resellers may differ. This offer is not for resale and is limited to five per customer.

** Your OmniPage Ultimate download includes a free download of PaperPort Professional 14. It is important that you install OmniPage Ultimate first and PaperPort Professional 14 only after that. The installation of PaperPort does not require a serial number. PDF Create 8 will be installed together with OmniPage Ultimate.

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