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Peek at new Video Surgeon version

Video Surgeon 2.0 Sneak Peak Video
Watch this video to learn how the freeze-frame buttons in Video Surgeon enable you to scroll forward or backward thru a video down to a frame-by-frame resolution so you can see exactly what is going on. It’s a great feature that combined with zooming helps you see what is going to the smallest detail.

Video Surgeon for Windows is now in Beta testing. There will be two weeks of testing followed up by 2- 4 weeks of bug fixing and final fit ups – and then we’ll be releasing it. Bottom line: Before October is over you will have this in your hands.

As soon as the Win version is released we’ll dig back into the Mac version and finish it and then head to beta testing with it.

Audio Switch File Conversion Utility – Now Available!
Audio Switch is an audio batch file converter. It opens and converts the most common file formats, whether you have 5, 50 or 5000 you need to do at one time. It also converts video, so if you have video files for which you’d like to strip the audio, it will also do that. Lastly Audio Switch has a volume normalizer built into it; it has the ability to measure the loudness of all of your files, tell you if they are clipping or not, and then enables you to change the loudness within a group of files to a common value. You can learn more about this new product here. For a quick overview I would encourage you to watch the video on the product website at the URL below

We are offering a 33% discount during this launch period, so you can grab Audio Switch for only $19.95.

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