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Oct 1, 2013: Pinch, punch, first day of the month


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I’ve been messing with code, which I’m not really competent for. I’m a lover (of words) not a fighter (with syntax errors).

What’s more, instead of concentrating on just one coding exercise, I’ve been flitting back and forth between two:

  1. Setting up Dropbox Facebook app; and
  2. Creating Bootstrap website.

I’ve given up to get on with proper work, ie creative writing.

After Bill Leader Gold bash on Saturday I spent the next 36 hours setting up a pictorial report and editing a video, which I put up on Youtube.

Good AA meeting last night, despite only three of us. Never mind the quantity, hear the shares!

I’ve been invited to speak at a meeting tomorrow (Wed), 6pm, Girlington Community Centre. There are two items on the agenda:

1. Response to coming EDL invasion;

2. Protesting about attacks on Pakistani Christians.

As a Christian who played a stage management role in the We Are Bradford event last time the EDL thugs soiled our streets, I’ve got something to say about both.

Hope this time all the anti-fascist and faith forces stick together and avoid the ludicrous divisions which were fostered by the Council, the police, and the media, last time round.

Messed up TX dates for my Movietime show. Thought it was last Thurs but it’s actually day after tomorrow, 6-6.30pm, devoted mainly to a Jack Nicholson feature. I think he’d be a great lead for my Ivanov screenplay, since apparently the rumour of his retirement was just that – a rumour.

Catch the show on (106.6FM if you’re in the Bradford area) Oct 3, 6-6.30pm. I’ll be posting audio on Bandcamp after it’s gone out.

Dunno yet when my Jewish Wife play is scheduled for BCB TX. I’m creating a long-form posting of the text, plus audio of each scene. The first scene (which was originally one of three playlets based on (or inspired by) works by Brecht and Hemingway, can be read HERE.

Thuesday night, Calum Sands is on at the Topic folk club, which has got to be a MUST. Because that’s the only date he could make, the “singers and musicians” freebie has been moved to Oct 10.

I’ll be singing my Harvest Festival song, The Lion and the Lamb, at both morning and evening services at St Paul’s, Manningham, Sunday. Hope I can remember the tune!

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  1. Why does Android default to “hidden” entries when inputting passwords? I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to type and retype cos I made a mistake (probably of one letter). This is particularly likely to happen with on-screen keyboards.
    Masking password inputs with dots made sense in the days of Unix desktops, but now that most work is being done on tablets and smart phones, the likelihood of anyone reading your screen over your shoulder and stealing access to your precious data is absolutely zilch.
  2. Speaking of on-screen keyboards, is there any way I can stop Swype guessing what I’m inputting? This morning, for instance, it substituted “Messiah” for “Jewish” – which made me smile, but wasn’t helpful. I just don’t need predictive text. I’ve always turned it off on my phone in the past, but that was less of an  issue since I had a hardware keyboard.
  3. Sorry to see the Blackberry going down the pan. I liked its form factor (especially its keyboard), but there just wasn’t room for another OS. Between IOS and Android (let’s not talk about the Windows Phone) the OS scene is more or less sewn up..
  4. Why is there no cut-and-paste option in the Android OS? I believe you can set this up if you root the device, but I’m not about to brick my machine by messing about with that level. I’ve tried various apps which don’t seem to work. QuickOffice and Documents to Go both have options for select/copy/paste, but this only works within that particular app.

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