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Colluding with the EDL

Thank God for the Women of Peace

I’m proud to wear their green ribbon

The last time the EDL came to Bradford, we organised We are Bradford, a multi-cultural celebration of the wonderful interaction between many cultures in this city.

We totally marginalised the racists, and despite misrepresentations in the media, we made our point that the centre of the city belongs to us, and we will not allow any invaders to deny us access.

An important part was played by the Woman of Peace, who distributed green peace ribbons. I have been wearing mine with pride since they were distributed at my church on Sunday.


The following letter is being circulated by the police and Bradford Council

This letter is notable for what it does not say, that strenuous efforts are being made by the authorities to collude with the invaders.

I have written the following letter to the Telegraph & Argus, (at present unpublished). I think it fills in the gaps.

It is outrageous that the police and Bradford council have connived with the racist EDL to take over the centre of Bradford on October 12.
They are closing Bridge Street and handing it over to the fascists and also denying the people of the city access to Centenary Square.
This will cause havoc to bus, rail, taxi and car drivers who will not be able to get into the Interchange train and bus station.
It will also impinge on the businesses in and around the Interchange, such as the Queen’s Hotel, the Victoria Hotel, St George’s Hall, Gala bingo and the brasserie of the Hilton Hotel, as well as a number of smaller businesses in the vicinity.
On October 12, also, there is to be the opening of a photographic exhibition and book signing at the Impressions Gallery on the edge of the City Park. How will people get there?
They are also kettling those who wish to affirm that “We are Bradford” in the urban garden. This was where the EDL was confined last time they came to town, while our multi-cultural concert was in the car park behind the Victoria.
Why couldn’t this arrangement have been repeated?


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