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Oct 12: Why are we not being told more?

I do not believe that if we keep out heads down and stay out of town when they come, the racist thugs of the EDL will go away.

History proves the contrary

But what is astounding is, not that Police and Bradford Council and local churches and mosques have this unsustainable belief, but the incompetence of the authorities in not letting us know what THEY are planning for October 12.
Look at this map.

In an earlier post I outlined what the organisers of the We Are Bradford multi-cultural celebration of our city’s unity in diversity have been told by the police.

But surely, if they want people to stay away from city centre, they need to be told that, regardless of what mischief the EDL hooligans might get up to, the centre will be virtually inaccessible for ordinary folk.

It was only today, two days before the disruption, that the T&A published the following statement:

From midnight tomorrow, Bridge Street, Vicar Lane, Hall Ings, Market Street, and Sunbridge Road will be closed to traffic. No parking on these roads will be allowed.

As the EDL demonstration will be taking place on Bridge Street, there will be no vehicle or pedestrian access to and from Bradford Interchange at Bridge Street on Saturday. During the road closures, signed diversions will be in place.

At Bradford Interchange the main entrance, car park and taxi rank will be closed.

Access between Bradford Interchange and the City Centre will be by the Nelson Street entrance.

Please allow extra time for your journey.

From the first bus of the day, all the Interchange buses will be diverted via Nelson Street, which will also become the pedestrian access.

Taxi ranks will also be temporarily closed at Bradford Interchange, Drake Street, Norfolk Gardens, Bank Street and Vicar Lane but will be available on Nelson Street, Upper Piccadilly, Westgate, John Street. Forster Square taxi rank will be relocated to a temporary site on Valley Road.

  • Why hasn’t the Telegraph & Argus published a map telling people where not to go?
  • What arrangements have been made for access to buses and trains, since Bridge Street will be closed? Will there be any kind of drop-off in Nelson Street for travellers arriving by car?
  • What about access to St George’s Hall? It’s to be hoped that the EDL will have gone on their way before the Tchaikovsky Orchestra of Moscow Radio takes the stage on Oct 12, but it can’t be guaranteed. The EDL have a nasty habit of roaming the streets after their demonstration, looking for dark-skinned people to beat up. Is there any way into the hall via Hall Ings or Drake Street?
  • According to the T&A, a scheduled arts installation event in the City Park today had to be called off because of technical problems. How will that affect the “Hope Not Hate” event due tomorrow, Friday afternoon?

Our MPs have been told the Home Secretary has no powers to ban the EDL from occupying our city. They have wide powers to avoid public order offences but have chosen not to invoke them.

The EDL’s last invasion of Bradford passed off without incident largely because opposition was centred on a similar multi-cultural We Are Bradford event to that being organised this time. The police have admitted privately that they were wrong in trying to obstruct our plans, but the higher ups do not seem to have learned that lesson.

There have also been insulting references to “hot-headed Asian youths” engaging the EDL in street fighting. In 2010 there was a strong peaceful presence of several hundred such youths, and they scared the shit out of the fascists, without even raising a fist against them. It is a pity the Mosques have played no part in facilitating such a peaceful presence.


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