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  • NOTE: The above Youtube playlist includes some V-E-R-Y   long clips, including Vince Gilligan talking for over two hours on Anatomy of the Script. But all worth while checking out when you have the time.

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  • The Breaking Bad Book is a work in progress. Here’s the opening, from the first draft.

The Wire it isn’t. Nor could it be. Yet it is no Look Homeward Angel to The Wire‘s Ulysses. It is rather as if Vince Gilligan had sat down and said: We gotta be as different from David Simon as possible. No multi-stranded narrative. Yes, something of the same amorality. The same subversion of Middle America’s illusions about itself, for what could be more smalltime than a high school chemistry teacher who works in a carwash, whose wife pulls his dick while watching how her eBay listing is doing.

And he is on some kind of a mid-life crisis:

“My name is Walter Hartwell White. I live at 308 Belmont Avenue, Ontario, California 917 64. I am of sound mind. To all law enforcement entities, this is not an admission of guilt. I’m speaking now to my family.

“Skyler . . . you are . . . the love of my life. I hope you know that. Walter Junior. You’re my big man. I should have told you things, both of you. I should have said things. But I love you both so much. And our unborn child. And I just want you to know that these . . . things you’re going to learn about me in the coming days. These things. I just want you to know that . . . no matter what it may look like . . . I had all three of you in my heart.”

It’s almost an old-fashioned linear narrative, as old-fashioned as the flashback that follows almost immediately, with the caption THREE WEEKS EARLIER.

But the opener flashes up a symbol that indicates that nothing here is going to be conventional, not at all. At first sight it seems so meaningless this early on, yet emerging as the story develops as more significant than it does at first: a pair of pants comes sailing out the sky to be rolled over by the wheels of a Winnebago RV.

BreakingBadPantsWhat the hell did that mean?

Later, it turns out that Walter had stripped down to his Y-fronts – typical, isn’t it, that he’s not clad in boxers – in order to brew up his almost pure crystal meth and hung his slacks over the wing-mirror of his RV. They flew up into the sky as he fled what turns out to have become a burning crime scene, as if symbolising everything he’s leaving behind him.

Distant sirens suggest the law is on his trail and he pulls a pistol from the back of his underpants, stands pointing it at what he – and we – assume is the law.

The script takes up what happens next:

He sticks the muzzle in his mouth, winces hard. He YANKS THE TRIGGER.

Nothing. The safety’s on. Walt fumbles with it, trying to figure it out. This takes him just long enough that…

… The sirens are revealed to be FIRE ENGINES. Not the cops. Two big pumper trucks curve past us, following a dirt road through the pasture we didn’t see until now.

They roar on by, none of the firemen taking the slightest notice of Walt. . .

The SIRENS and the ROAR fade away. Gradually, the pasture grows silent again. Walt stares stupidly, the pistol dangling at his side. He lets it drop to the dirt.

That’s the opening of my first draft of The Breaking Bad Book. Read on to  find out how you can win £50 for your two-penn’orth.

♦ BB products on Amazon
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♦ BB scripts

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If you watched the whole Breaking Bad series, are watching it now on Netflix or other streaming service, love it, hate it . . . whatever – you could win £50 for submitting your thoughts.
The winning review will be included in The Breaking Bad Book when published next year. Runners up may be quoted. All who submit an entry will be granted FREE access to all areas of the KDsales website for 12 months free of charge.
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♦ Buy BB products on Amazon
♦ The Breaking Bad Book
♦ Breaking Bad scripts

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BreakingBadScriptsThree Breaking Bad episode scripts can be viewed FREE if you sign up to the KDsales website. These are Acrobat PDF files, so you’ll need a PDF reader (which can be obtained free from Adobe HERE) to read them.

♦ Buy BB products on Amazon
♦ The Breaking Bad Book
♦ Win £50 for sharing your BB review

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