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Compositional process of a new song

O Rose

Love tattooWhiteBG

As I came down for breakfast on Sunday morning, November 3, 2013, the words printed in the right-hand column came into my head and I put them down on my Android tablet as I ate my breakfast. As I drove to church, a possible tune (based on a traditional melody) came into my head and after lunch I began working on fitting words and music together.

I recorded the whole compositional process since I thought it might be interesting to show this at work.

Click on the link below to hear the work in progress.

Tune adapted from Long Lamkin (traditional folk ballad)

O Rose my sweet Rose
In Heaven’s garden the fairest
Your petals fall brightly
Their pathway the reddest.

Queen of flowers most regal
Gathering up in the harvest

Though your savour be sweet
Your thorns are the sharpest.

Fair Mother of all things
And of One Love the truest

We lie soft in your arms
As we rest in the forest.

Skyclad your raiment
Bursts bright with the starway

Like a cloak it envelops
All the earth in its rare way.

By the side of this river
Flowing scarlet and black

Your blossom is blooming
So there’s nothing we lack.

Words & music © Copyright Nov 3, 2013 10am Karl Dallas/EMI Music


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