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Casting the Stalin play

See also an earlier posting on the Stalin plays.

I am planning to mount a production of the first of my Stalin plays on Sunday, June 22, the anniversary of the German attack on the USSR.

This is the first of a series of plays about the life and death of Stalin which I have been researching for the past twenty years. These will be neither adulatory or denigratory, but serious attempts to put his life and times into perspective, in a style which is dramatic as well as informative.

It is my intention at a later date to present the whole series as a serial over a five or six-day period, with a different episode every night.

The play to be mounted next June is not the first in the series, but since it deals with Hitler’s Barbarossa campaign, I thought it would be a good idea to present it on the anniversary date – though, at present, I have not selected a venue. I had in mind possibly putting it on at the Leeds Armouries.

I have begun the casting process. First of all, who could play Stalin? Howard Frost did a wonderful job with a Brummie-accented Stalin in my Red October show at the Priestley/Playhouse in 1999, but I’ve lost touch with him. He also directed that show, and did an equally great job in that role.

I recall he was unwell a bit later. I hope he is OK today. Does anyone know how to contact him?

Most of the other characters are male, though there are some subsidiary female roles (secretaries, etc) which will also need to be cast.

I shall be putting up the script of the completed play for anyone to read who is SERIOUSLY interested in helping to mount it, but it will be password-protected to avoid casual surfers reading it.

Please add a comment to this posting if you would like to get involved and I will send you a link to the script.

BTW, I am planning to develop the completed series as a TV drama-doc, so anyone involved in the theatre production(s) might have a chance at the small screen.


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