The Extraordinary Exegesis of Horselover Fat

A movie project in development


A science-fiction writer comes to believe his fictions are actually the real world, and “reality” is really the fiction. A story inspired by (but not based on any of) the writings of Philip K. Dick,
and notably the Valis  trilogy.

PhilipK-DickHorselover Fat” is the alter ego of Philip K. Dick, author of the original stories on which films like Bladerunner  and A Scanner Darkly were based. This persona invaded his fictional writings, primarily in Valis, first story in the trilogy of that name (go to bottom of page to buy the Kindle versions), but was also implicit in many of Dick’s writings, eg Ubik.

The script currently under development relates the true story of Dick’s last years – he died in 1982 – to the “divine invasions” which obsessed him increasingly, inspiring some of his most gnomic, exciting work.

OpenQuotesOne day the contents of my mind moved faster and faster until they ceased being concepts and became percepts. I did not have concepts about the world but perceived it without preconception or even intellectual comprehension. It then resembled the world of UBIK. As if all the contents of one’s mind, if fused, became suddenly alive, a living entity, which took off within one’s head, on its own, saw in its own superior way, without regard to what you had ever learned or seen or known.The principle of emergence, as when nonliving matter becomes living.CloseQuotes As if information (thought concepts) when pushed to their limit became metamorphosed into something alive.

Though the movie is not based on Valis. it begins similarly:

OpenQuotesHorselover Fat’s nervous breakdown began the day he got the phonecall from Gloria asking if he had any Nembutals. He asked her why she wanted them and she said that she intended to kill herself. She was calling everyone she knew. By now she had fifty of them, but she needed thirty or forty more, to be on the safe side.
At once Horselover Fat leaped to the conclusion that this was her way of asking for help. It had been Fat’s delusion for years that he could help people. His psychiatrist once told him that to get well he would have to do two things: get off dope (which he hadn’t done) and to stop trying to help people (he still tried to help people).


As a matter of fact, he had no Nembutals. He had no
sleeping pills of any sort. He never did sleeping pills.

The three books in the Valis trilogy – only two of which are available in Kindle editions – do inform us in the script development processes. You can follow us through that process by reading them. Follow the links below to buy them (don’t forget you can always download a free sample of the Kindle editions, or use Amazon’s “look inside” facility to examine some of the contents.)


Buy Kindle edition of Valis from Amazon, UK

The Divine Invasion

Buy paperback of The Divine Invasion from Amazon

No Kindle version available, but you can read a free ebook HERE..

The Three Stigmata Of Palmer Eldritch

Buy Kindle edition of The Three Stigmata Of Palmer Eldritch on Amazon UK

You can also purchase The Exegesis of Philip K Dick, the collected and annotated volume of the notes Dick made of his mystical/theological/theophanic musings by clicking on the following link:.

Click HERE to buy the paperback of The Exegesis of Philip K Dick.

  • Finally, click HERE for a complete listing of PKD on Amazon, including Audible audiobooks.

    Signature of Philip K Dick

    Signature of Philip K Dick (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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