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You’re right – it’s not a matter of party politics. Labour, after all, deregulated the banks and laid the basis for our current economic woes. But we need to break through the current Con-Dem-Lab austerity consensus to pronounce some important facts of economic life.

Not only is the austerity programme impacting on the lives of the poor, but it also makes no economic sense, leading inevitably to even deeper recession.

Remember that the welfare state, currently being demolished, was established at a time when World War II had left the UK economically impoverished. And while Labour’s programme left a great deal to be desired – no workers’ control of the nationalised industries, for instance – and Labour quickly reneged on its promises by bringing in National Health prescriptions, paving the way to Churchill’s return to power – the spirit of ’45, as Ken Loach has called it, united the nation as never before or since.

While having no illusions about Labour, I am nevertheless working for a Labour victory next year. Labour MIGHT be motivated by a grassroots groundswell of fury to do something about the banks, the utilities fat cats, and others responsible for our economic ills. It MIGHT do this, though I won’t hold my breath.

But one thing’s certain, the Tories’ bosses in the City will no nothing to repair the damage being done to our economic well-being. That’s not party politics. It is economic common sense.

On 12/12/2013, Dave Arthur wrote: > Name: Dave Arthur
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> Let us know what you think: In the present economic climate around the > world, not just in Britain, it is inevitable that certain austerity measures > must be put in place, before the whole world collapses under a tsunami of > unrepayable debt, America and Britain are trillions of pounds/dollars in > debt, and borrowing more every day, it can’t continue indefinitely, and it’s > naive to assume it can. It’s also not helpful to place the blame in the UK > squarely on the Conservative Party. Our present untenable position is the > result of all governments over a period of time. This is no time for playing > ‘Party Politics’, we’re all in the shit together, and pointing fingers is > not going to help. What we need is a complete rethink about the way we go > about running our country – politically, economically, socially, > artistically etc. We’ll all be lucky if we have a society, as we know it > now, in a couple of decades. Obviously politicians of every shade, bankers, > and corporations, have a vested interest in keeping things going, in their > own interests, as long as possible before the whole edifice collapses. The > only way there is going to be any radical change is for the People to start > changing society at a grass roots level until the movement becomes too large > for politicians, bankers and corporate fat-cats to ignore and control. What > must not happen is replacing one set of societal rules with equally unfair, > greedy, self-interested ones. It’s time for a rethink about whether we want > to go to Hell in a hand-cart painted blue, red, green or yellow (It doesn’t > matter which, it’s a one-way street). This brings us back to the Media > Museum and Karl Dallas’s call for a grass-roots Museum supports group, to > take the initiative into their own hands and find ways of saving whatever > they think is worth saving and developing.I ‘m sure a few hundred committed > supporters could brain-storm dozens of ways to help the museum. Everyone has > some skill/s that could be put to use if given the opportunity to use them. > I agree with Karl that a large open supporters/friends meeting is the first > thing to organize, at which people can offer up their areas of knowledge and > expertise for the common good. I can think of half-a-dozen ways to raise > awareness, support and money off the top of my head, as can most people, I’m > sure. So get to it. People power is the answer, not Left or Right politics, > just apolitical People Power with everyone working for the common good. It > can’t be beyond our capabilities, can it? If it is then perhaps we get what > we deserve.
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