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Windows 8? GRRRR!

My lovely HP Pavilion G laptop having developed a hardware fault (no audio) after so many years’ faithful service, I decided to bite the bullet and buy a new one from PC World.

Running Windows 8.1. Not a machine in the place running Windows 7.


Who can’t Microsoft leave well alone. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, guys.

When I “upgraded” (?) from XP to Vista, and then to Windows 7 Ultimate, I was able to set the new system so it looked much like the old. But Windows 8 won’t let me do that.

I guess I could get used to the new UI, but why the hell should I have to? I don’t need to climb a steep learniung curve before I can begin writing, audio/video editing, and all the other things I can do without thinking tech stuff all the while.

Yes, I know there are third party apps that will set Win8 so it looks more like Win7. And guess what, I’m going to install Start8 straight away, without bothering my head with new pretty pictures when I want a simple way to access the apps I know and love.

And, by the way, since it’s only me at my desk, I don’t need to protect everything with passwords that display dots so I can’t tell when I’ve mistyped (and I admit it: I’m a terrible typist). Though it advised against it, I was able to set my old laptop so it didn’t require a password to start up. Not any more.

And again I say: GRRRRRRRRRRR!


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