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January 25: Burns Nicht

Oor Rabbie

Oor Rabbie

Oor Rabbie (Photo credit: alister)

Oor Rabbie was an exciseman
A gauger chiel an’ a’ that.
The Merry Muses were his love
He kenn’t them weel an’ a’ that

An’ a’ that, an’ a’ that
A bonnie lad an’ a’ that
Each year we celebrate his name
Wi’ haggis, neaps, an’ a’ that.

Oor Rabbie was no well-belov’d
O’ the unco’ guid an’ a’ that.

Ye Jacobites by name, he sang,
A parcel o’ rogues, an’ a’ that.

An’ a’ that, an’ a’ that
A rebel bard for a’ that.
He’d aye be on the picket line
Wi’ sangs o’ toil, an’ a’ that.

So let’s remember wha he was,
No bourgeoisie nor a’ that.

The folk wha wad purloin his name
He’d spit in their e’e an’ a that.

Composed on Burns nicht, January 26, 2014

  • Click HERE to view Burns’s Merry Muses songs and poems. PDF Acrobat file, explicit text.
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