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I need to find £1500 for dental work!

Karl's toothless2Money which I can’t find from my old-age pension.

My only asset possibly worth that much is Sandy Denny’s old piano, which she gave me when she got a baby grand. Most of her earlier songs were composed on this very instrument.
SandyDenny's old piano

I remember leaning on the piano when she sang this song at Roy Guest’s Howff in Hampstead. It brought tears to my eyes. “Ain’t life a solo?” It was true of her, I think, and it was certainly true of me, those days.

I don’t play and Gloria’s more or less given up because of her Parkinson’s. Her dad, Albert “Dick” Whittington, used to play for hours when he lived with us in London and Clara-Barbara Fischer played on it too, before she got her Steinway.

Also, we’re thinking of getting a sofa bed cos getting up the stone stairs to the bedroom is getting harder, so we need the space in our living room.

I’m reluctant to sell, since it has a link with someone I have always loved (and still do). Also, it’s an important piece of rock memorabilia.

If I sell it, I’d like for it to go somewhere it would be treated with the same love and respect as we have over the years.

What should I do?

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