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Boycott Scarlett Johansson

Because, frankly, my dear, we DO give a damn!

Given the choice between an role as unpaid ambassador for Oxfam and a lucrative contract with a company who operates from  an illegal West Bank settlement, it was a no-brainer.

She took the money, and damn the hungry.

Since money is where it’s at for Johansson (net worth: variously estimated at between $35-55 million, including $20 million for her role in the last Avengers turkey) she’ll need to be hit in her ample moneybags before she admits to the error of her ways.

ScarlettJohanssonEarnin gsWe can start during the Superbowl TV transmissions on February 2. When Johansson  appears to boost the fortunes of her human rights-violating sponsor, just switch channels, or at least turn off the sound.

And tell her agent (Bryan that that’s what you’re doing.

Fox has already banned the first version of her commercial because of its derogatory references to Pepsi and Coke, but a censored version has already aired on Youtube.

You might like to add that you’ll be boycotting her up-coming movies: The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Summer Crossing, Hate Mail, Lucy,  and Chef. Not to mention re-runs of her past movies, and the Oscar-nominated Her.

If anyone knows how to reach the Academy Awards voters, then some serious lobbying may help to ensure it gets no Oscars.

If anyone’s rich enough to take ads in  the trades (Variety etc), then that’d be a good strategy.

We don’t know how much the Sodastream deal is worth to her, but when she realises how it’s hurting her career, then she might – just MIGHT – have a rethink.

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