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So BPCAC won’t be standing in the May elections

First the five ex-Respect councillors decided to support Bradford Labour’s execution of the Tory austerity cuts.

And now Bradford People’s Campaign Against the Cuts (BPCAC) has gone back in its promise to stand one or more candidates against the Con-Dem-Lab cabal in City Hall.

Dave Green must be laughing all the way to the ballot box, because BPCAC has turned out to be a toothless, paper tiger.

But Nota Bene, Dave. Note this well. The last laugh may be on you. Cos it ain’t over till . . . Well, you know the rest.

You might get a shock on election day.

The eight BPCAC members present at a poorly attended meeting who voted to abandon the plans trumpeted on a thousand leaflets promising disenchanted voters a voice in City Hall paid little attention to my suggestion that they run a “None of the Above” campaign encouraging voters to put those words on their ballot forms when they go to vote.

Well, that campaign is already under way. NOTA – None of the Above is registered with the Electoral Commission and it already has its own website.


As Bob Dylan sang, The Times They Are A-Changing.

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