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Working on weekly video stream

Countdown to Virtual Meeting Point

May 6, 2014, 8pm GMT

Preparatory work on my Youtube video stream is proceeding as I experiment with the various options.
My hope is to run a weekly “Virtual Meeting Point” every Tuesday evening, target date May 6, 2014, under various headings:

  • Culture (spelled Kulcher), covering music (probaby featuring a monthly virtual folk club), books, movies, drama (a virtual theatre show?) etc;
  • Politics;
  • Church, religion and spirituality;
    and . . .
  • You name it.

I’ll be posting links to experimental sessions between now and the planned launch on May 6.

I’m planning to use the Google+ hangouts technology, which offers the possibility of interactive sessions, with “audience” playing a part, contributing to discussion, performing or joining in the chorus for the virtual folk club, etc.

Please let me know what would interest you, by entering a comment, or if you would like to sign up as a co-presenter. Meanwhile, here’s a playlist of Youtube guides to how to set up your own virtual stream:


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