Take 30 Seconds to Ask Your MP to Support Peace & Dialogue in Venezuela, Not Proposed US Sanctions

We are writing to ask you to take 30 seconds, by entering your postcode and using our handy online tool here, to ask your MP to add their name to a statement supporting the work of Latin America through UNASUR (the Union of South American Nations) for peace and dialogue in Venezuela, and against external intervention, including the threat of US sanctions.
Recent weeks have seen a wave of violence from extreme elements of the right-wing opposition in Venezuela aimed atLa Salida (‘the ousting’) of the country’s elected Government. As their support has dwindled, this has become more extreme – with some putting diesel in water supplies, others attacking a housing programme’s HQ and its neighbouring pre-school, and numerous deadly, militarised street barricades being set up– terrorising large sections of the population in order to create destabilization and chaos.
Such developments have made the calls for peace and dialogue from Venezuela’s government, and echoed by Latin American bodies such as the OAS (by 29 votes to 3), and UNASUR, more important than ever. We now need your help to ensure that as many MPs as possible sign our European statement (copied below) supporting Latin America’s stance for peace and dialogue in Venezuela.
Alongside this, the threat of US sanctions has been put on the table, further emboldening those who would like to turn back the clock in Venezuela to the days of neo-liberalism with rampant poverty and inequality. You can help oppose those seeking illegal ‘regime change’ and support Venezuela’s self-determination by lobbying your MP today.
Responding to these new threats is of vital importance in the weeks ahead, so your support in asking your MP to sign is absolutely vital.

Best wishes and many thanks for lobbying your MP in support of peace and dialogue in Venezuela,

Venezuela Solidarity Campaign.

PS: Here are 3 simple other ways you can show solidarity with Venezuela today.
1. Join our growing campaign here
2. Donate to our important work here
3. Register for our May 10 National Solidarity Conference with Venezuela here

PPS: Please find the text of the statement we are asking MPs to sign below.

We the undersigned join Latin America’s main regional bodies such as the Organisation of American States (by 29 votes to 3) and UNASUR (Union of South American nations) in both condemning the ongoing wave of anti-democratic violence from extreme elements of Venezuela’s right-wing opposition in recent weeks, whose declared aim (‘La Salida’) is the ousting of the elected government, and in supporting the calls of Venezuela’s elected President Nicolas Maduro for peace and dialogue.
We agree with the OAS in its call for "respect for the principle of non intervention in the internal affairs of states and its commitment to the defense of democratic institutionalism of the state of law in agreement with the OAS Charter and international law," and therefore disagree with all external interference, including through any sanctions on Venezuela as proposed by some members of the US congress.
We urge all parties internationally to support the efforts of UNASUR, through its commission on this issue, in working for peace and dialogue in Venezuela.


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