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Why I lost audio from webcam

For some time now I’ve been pre-recording my radio shows using the internal mic on my laptop. The audio has been acceptable, but not as good as it might be. I tried inserting a mic in the appropriate socket but the level was too low to be usable.

I shopped around and eventually settled for a ProSound USB2.0 HQ Podcast A99JB mic, £39.99 from Maplin. (I saw what might have been a better option at PC World, but when I went back they were no longer stocking it. GRRR!)

I was very KDwithNewMic2014-04-13pleased with it until I tried to record some video, using the bundled Cyberlink Youcam BE app. Panic: no audio!

I discovered a number of people on the Internet (for instance at with the same problem with the Prosound mic and Youcam, with no solution offered. (The usual ones, like reinstall the software, won’t work with bundled software, since there’s no installation disk.)

Actually, it was quite simple, really, so I pass on the solution for anyone with a similar problem.

WindowsSpeakerErrorStupid Windows thinks the device attached to the USB port is a speaker, not a mic. Go into Control Panel, and the dialogue will show that to be the case.

It was a simple matter to make the internal speakers/headphone socket the default.

Why no one suggested this simple remedy is hard to understand, but I pass it on for anyone who has a similar problem.



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