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Another “Easter” ballad

Where O where is my own darling son?

I sang this song at the Castle pub in Bradford last night, Good Friday, followed by Who was the carpenter who made the Cross.


Where O where is my own darling son?
Where O where is that handsome man?
The soldiers have taken him up on the hilltop
And there they have nailed him to the cross.

Why O why did they nail him to the cross?
Why O why did my darling have to die?
He came and he gave his life for his comrades
That all human people might be free.

Bitter sweet are my memories of love,
Bitter sweet was the baby at my breast.
Now I must sit weeping as I watch my son die
And no one can give a mother rest.

Dry your tears mother dear, though I die,
Dry your tears and look up in the sky.
For death lies a-bleeding and I am in heaven
There to reign on my Father’s right hand.

Where oh where is our Lord Jesus Christ?
Where oh where is our sweet Saviour gone?
He is returned to live with all people,
To build his kingdom here on earth.

  • I plan to post a playlist of a number of my Resurrection songs here tomorrow, “Easter Sunday”.

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