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Good Afternoons with KD

I’m setting up a new programme schedule on VideoCaroline:

Breaking the Fast has become Good Afternoons with KD and it will air on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 5pm GMT.

Tuesdays will be set aside for the evening show, which will go out at 8pm GMT, starting on May 6.

The first Tuesday evening show will be The Politico’s, and it will be sponsored by NOTA – the “None of the above” campaign.

On Tuesday May 13 we’ll be launching the monthly VC Virtual Folk Club.


I’m considering my options for Sundays. I want to do something different, given that it’s the Sabbath. I’ll probably call it Face to Faith, but cover the multi-faith excitement of the UK today. I’m looking for co-presenters.

I did something of a dummy run yesterday, but I didn’t think it worked.

I’ve had serious technical problems with my system today, which is the main  reason why Breaking the Fast didn’t go out this morning as planned.

But that hiatus gave me time for a bit of a rethink. Meanwhile, I put together a brief edition of Good Afternoons with KD, devoted mainly to reading the next chapter of Fagin Returns, my sequel to Oliver Twist.

Since I’ve got two days to get it together, hopefully on Wednesday Good Afternoons With KD  will be a bit more polished!


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