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Funny way of doing business (contd)

In my earlier post I didn’t name the company concerned in the hopes that wiser counsels might prevail.

But wiser counsels have not prevailed

So now I name the guilty company: PC World

Yesterday, I walked into PC World’s Bradford branch prepared to spend over £1000 on a new laptop. But they wouldn’t take my money.

Told that way, of course, that IS a funny way of doing business. I actually had £700 to spend. The balance could have been made up by a refund of some £450 on a laptop I bought on February 21 which turned out to be unsuitable for my main purpose.

Now here’s where it gets weird.

If I had bought the laptop from the consumer section of the store, they would have sorted it out, and I could have walked out with a new, top of the range Macbook.

But all the Windows PCs in the store run the dreadful Windows 8. To get the far superior Windows 7, I’d have to buy through their business unit.

Fine. PC World is PC World is PC World, right? Wrong.

It turned out that the laptop they advised me to buy, for which I paid cash on the nail, was not suitable for my main business of video and audio editing. It was also faulty, displaying the dreaded Blue Screen of Death during the first hour of use, plus two other unwanted reboots.

No probs, said the branch manager in a phone call. Bring it back in and we’ll sort it out.

First, they said, you’ll have to contact the manufacturer to get it repaired. That I did. They replaced the hard disk and I took it back in to get my refund and pay for a more powerful machine.

Sorry, they said. We don’t do refunds.

But you said . . .

Yes, that was then. If you’d paid us the extra money right then, we could have done a deal. But it’s too late now.

Truly a funny way of doing business. Is there any other dealer in the land who would turn down extra business because of some internal bureaucratic hangup?

Bradford County Court, where the next instalment of this weird tale will be played out.

So I’m going to sell the unwanted laptop on eBay. And I’m setting up a “small claim” in the County Court to get my money back.

I’ll be spending my thousand quid elsewhere. And I advise you to do likewise.



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