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Have you heard about HMRC’s proposal to sell off our personal tax details to private companies? Over 180,000 people have signed a petition to Lin Homer, Chief Exec of HMRC, asking her to drop the idea, sharpish.

38 Degrees members are handing the petition in next Wednesday at HMRC’s offices in London. HMRC is trying to keep this possible sell-off under the radar, because they know how unpopular it is. So the bigger the petition we hand them, the more worried they’ll be that public anger is growing.

Can we make it to 250,000 by Wednesday? Click here to add your name to the petition now:

Here’s what some 38 Degrees members who have signed the petition had to say about the tax data sell-off:

Ian: “I do not trust either HMRC to anonymise the data competently, nor do I trust the finance industry to act in my interests. This is MY data and I do not wish it to be sold.”

Elliott: “I have to conduct my tax affairs via HMRC – I therefore should be able to expect that those details are held solely by HMRC.”

Pam and Michael: “We are horrified at the idea that our tax affairs will be up for sale and fear that it will be easy to identify individuals from the data supplied. Definitely NO!”

Wednesday’s delivery is just the start of a big campaign to get this idea thrown out before it gets any further. Let’s kick off with a HUGE petition. Click here to add your name now:


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