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HangUPs on Air – hail and farewell

Well all right. You win. OK. I’m beginning to hate you – Hangouts on Air.

In fact, I’m beginning to call you HangUPs on Air.

Yes yes, I know I posted the pro’s and con’s of HOA, attempting to prove conclusively that they were going to be the next big thing. And it was all true.

And my 1-2-3 guide to HOA really works, if you keep it simple. Avoid the fancy dancing, Youtube inclusion, screen capture and so on. It may work, but there’s a 50:50 chance it won’t.

If all you want to do is to present yourself straight to camera, sharing the screen with up to nine co-presenters, then you ought to be OK. That’s if Google hasn’t changed the rules, which it has a habit of doing.

OK, I know capitalism depends on planned obsolescence, so we’ll all spend pounds, dollars and cents on upgrades. And we know every upgrade is often a downgrade. Windows Millennium Edition, anyone? And don’t get me started on the bummer that is Windows 8, per-lease.

But HOA is free, for goodness sake. Likewise Youtube. So where’s the logic in constantly moving the goalposts? Cui bono, as the Romans used to say. Who benefits?

I had great plans for using HOA to establish my online TV station, VideoCaroline. I worked out a four-weekly roster of programmes – a political show, a virtual folk club, a video version of my Movietime radio show, even a signed programme for the hard of hearing.

I may do all these things – but only when Google has stopped playing silly buggers with what ought to be a brilliant system but has turned out to be a real pain in the arse. Till then, I’ll be posting occasional 5-minute Hangouts.

And concentrating on my real USP – writing songs, poems, plays, and screenplays. Coming to a VDU down your way, if things work out, God willing, insh’Allah.


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