Felix Dennis dies aged 67 | Media |

Felix Dennis, the flamboyant magazine publisher, poet and entrepreneur who was one of the editors of 1960s counter-culture title Oz, has died aged 67. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2012.

The Schoolkids' OZ which landed Felix Dennis in jail

Karl Dallas comments:

I knew Felix as a fellow underground journalist in the Sixties, though I published in IT rather than Oz. I campaigned for his release from jail.

When I was canned from Melody Maker for being “too old” for their hoped-for new readership, I had already started writing about computers. One day I was walking through Bloomsbury and we met. When he told me he had just bought Personal Computer World, I managed to get a gig on the new weekly edition.

So followed several years when I found myself on trips to IBM and other IT conventions, which made a change from Pink Floyd and the Paris Collections.

I followed his subsequent career as a port with some envy, since no one seemed to take my stuff as seriously as his.

I still read his Week mag to keep up with whatever stuff I might have missed in the past seven days (since apart from the Morning Star, I don’t have time read a daily broadsheet).

Hail and farewell, Felix. Appropriately named. You made the world a happier place.

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