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Nokia’s Zlauncher makes Android more user-friendly


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Android launchers are nothing new, but the Zlauncher from Nokia promises to be something different.
It’s still in beta, and downloads are hard to come by, but it looks to be worth the effort.

Initially, it was said to work only for the Nexus 5, Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Moto X, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z1, but those lucky enough to get through to a download link have used it on a wide variety of other devices and are generally fairly full of praise.

(View some Tweets HERE.)

Here are some other comments from early users:

Configure Favorite Pinned/Anchor Apps on bottom

I would like to move around and select different apps to pin on the bottom of Z

John KneelandJohn Kneeland (Product Manager, Nokia Corporation) responded
This is a known issue. We will be fixing it in future versions of Z Launcher

I like Z but miss my widgets like sports tickers, stock tickers, world clocks, and Flipboard! Would be nice to have other home screens where I can put these widgets.

Direct access (from left scroll) to Google Now
John KneelandJohn Kneeland (Product Manager, Nokia Corporation) responded
For Android 4.4 and up, simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen and you’ll see Google Now. We’ll investigate options for older versions of Android.

Notifications – It would be good if we could have Notifications show on the home screen

Things like How many unread emails, missed calls, unread sms’s etc…

Long press on apps for additional options like (uninstall, app info, set as hidden, stop, change icon)

Would be great if I could tap a mic or something to enable voice recognition to launch apps, contacts, or sites in my list.

Launcher should allow Google voice assistance from home screen.

I would love to customizate the apps that appear at the bottom of the home screen

I’d like to see this as a lock screen instead of launcher.

Not working. “Unfortunately Z launcher has stopped.”

Receives the error when try to open.

Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 – GT-S7582.

Link the google play icon in the top of app drawer to google play store

In the top of the app drawer there is a sketchy icon looking like the google play icon, make it optional to link this to google play store (or another app/appstore of choice)

Block certain apps from showing up in Z

There are some apps I use a lot but wouldn’t want showing up front and center (say, Tinder or Snapchat).

Can there be a way to prevent selected apps from showing up?

It should have different modes/ profiles (Driving mode, work, meeting etc)

Throw apps according to the mode selected or it can switch to these modes automatically by detecting it and showing apps accordingly. for eg in work, i would like to see mail, calendar etc. For driving, traveling, i would like to see maps.

Landscape mode please.

I use my phone in landscape mode in my desk almost all day. With this launcher I just can’t do it anymore.

I want to See in the next versión a transparent nav bar on Android devices like nexus 4, you can do it like solo launcher or inspire lancher

Would like to see faster letter recognition, lock screen support, and a more deeply customizable home screen

the launcher is being killed with task killers or sys app manger

Bring up a keyboard

It would be useful to have a keyboard option since scribbling more than 3 letters is slower than typing!

Swipe to clear apps on home screen.

If there is an app on the home screen you don’t want, just simply swipe to clear it.


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