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You win some you lose some



The Guardian

It is not true, as Sheila FItzpatrick states on her review of the book about Zhivago (The Zhivago Affair: The Kremlin, the CIA, and the Battle Over a Forbidden Book, June 18), that Stalin “didn’t have time” to talk to Pasternak.

Nadezhda Mandelstam reported that Stalin telephoned Pasternak to ask why he had not protested about her husband Osip’s exile. But when Pasternak suggested they meet to discuss other matters, Stalin put the phone down on him, however.

Unlike Khrushchev, who banned Zhivago without having read it, Stalin was well aware of allegedly “anti-Soviet” writings. In conversations with Bulgakov and other disapproved writers he demonstrated awareness of their work and critically assessed what he saw as good or not so good in their writings.

  • NOTE: Stalin’s relations with dissident artists is dealt with in detail in my STALIN PLAYS.

The Morning Star

The front page of the Star (June 20) describes the thugs of Britain First as a “Christian fundamentalist organisation”.

As a Christian who obeys the fundamentals of peace and love taught by the revolutionary leader Yeshua  Ben Miriam (AKA Jesus the Christ) I deny this description.

Could not the Star‘s subeditors describe such charlatans as self-styled, or at least put the description in quotes?

We would not describe the Nazis as socialist, just because they described themselves as a national socialist workers party.

History abounds with examples of evil people hijacking the names of legitimate movements to deceive the world of their true intentions.

We should expose them, not give credence to their pretensions.


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