Twa or three thochts on the unco muckle vote o September aichteent

A poem I’ve composed in Scots (not my mother tongue, though my father was born in Glasgow) on the Scottish referendum. I have previously written poems in French and German, have translated a German peace song into English, re-told the story of Christ’s baptism in Geordie (which was my first language, though I have spoken received English for the past 70 or so years), and I produced an English paraphrase of Aleksandr Blok’s The 12, which I performed as a one-man show in Bradford a few years ago. My song, The Family of Man, has been translated into 13 languages.

Political Review

A poem inspired by the “synthetic Scots” of Hugh MacDiarmid

Tak-it-na ill out, gin I wha ye thocht tae be a Sassenach (tho me faither were born i Glesga so I be aye as Scots as ye) shad daur ta address ye in yer ain tong, but noo th’ugsome speal be ower a but fechtin mayhap can I skare me ain thochts on yon fause-heided independence, for hou can ocht be free if in cheen tae soodren bankers an her Royal Maijesty doon by Buck Hoose?

Yon politeecians wad wap ye aw tae the war alleans o NATO an the thiefy cabal o t’EU. Whaur’s scowth a that, pray?

But be as it will, wad reports frae Holyrood nae be in the Lallans noo? Na, it cannae be so, ye ken, for Salmond an his hallions ay blether the Westminister blether, no the Scots o the streets.

MacDiarmid, ye mus…

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