Happy birthday, Citizen President!

Anna Politkovskaya was assassinated eight years ago today on the 64th birthday of President Putin. The killers are still unpunished.

Political Review

Anna Politkovskaya, murdered by unpunished assassins on October 7, 2016.

After the murder of Anna Politkovskaya, I wrote a play based on her Chechenya reportage, A Small Corner of Hell, and developed a film script as a police procedural, entitled Ivanov after the name of the (fictional) detective assigned to the case.
The first scene of the play was performed in Bradford as part of the “Page to Stage” project.
When the screenplay was pitched to 20th Century Fox, they pronounced it “very good, but uncommercial”. Since no one knows what’s “commercial” this didn’t discourage me, but seven years later I am still looking for a film deal.

The play – first scene

1.-Pogrom in Moscow

(The stage is brightly lit. The place is untidy, chairs and various props scattered around, a rumpled bed in one corner. A blackboard on one wall, covered with barely legible Cyrillic script. A…

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