Klinghoffer opera: where should we stand?

Read and listen to the opening prologues of Palestinians and Jews, which set the story into context.

Political Review

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

― George Orwell

The murder of Leon Klinghoffer was undoubtedly an atrocity, one incident in a history of atrocities in the Middle East. He was wheelchair-bound, and could not be moved to be among the other hostages on the Achille Lauro, so his murder was as much an atrocity against the disabled as against his specific ethnicity, since he was the only hostage murdered.

Let us not mince words: the Palestinian cause is not furthered by anti-Semitism, which should be rooted out wherever it raises its ugly head.

But characterising any critique of Israel as anti-Semitic is an abuse of language and logic.

What is upsetting the Zionists demonstrating in New York (who will no doubt be joined on the streets of London when the English National Opera presents…

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