Book of the Month: The Peripheral, by William Gibson

Not an easy read, but I think The Peripheral is William Gibson’s best yet.

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The Peripheral, by William Gibson

A return to science fiction – or his first real scifi?

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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William Gibson has returned to science fiction with his latest, most gnomic work, The Peripheral. Oh, didn’t you realize he hasn’t written science fiction since Mona Lisa Overdrive in 1988 completed the trilogy that began with those unforgettable first lines of Neuromancerin 1984: “The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.”? But then, the trilogy wasn’t really set in the future, either.

“I knew that those books were actually about the 1980s, when they were written, but almost nobody else seemed to see that,” he has written.

“So I wrote a novel called Virtual Light, which was set in 2006…

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