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A new song for Christmas

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The icon images above are from an exhibition by CHRIS CZAINSKI in Bradford Cathedral in September and October, 2014

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Words of songs by Karl Dallas, © Copyright EMI Music

The time has come, Emmanuel

New words to the 12th Century antiphon, Veni, Veni, Emmanuel

The time has come Emmanuel
For love to triumph o’er the flames of Hell.
Death dies upon this winter morn
Come see where life, a tiny babe is born:
Rejoice! Rejoice! The mother gives the breast
And all our fears and sorrows laid to rest.

The longest night, Emmanuel
Must brighten to the song we know so well.
It lives within our sleeping hearts;
The golden sun shall rise as night departs.
Rejoice! Rejoice! For deep beneath the snow
The flowers of spring are budding there we know.

So let us all, Emmanuel
Link arms and dance and weave a magic spell
That comes upon the earth at Christmas time
And bubbles through the blood like sparkling wine:
Rejoice! Rejoice! And make a merry noise
Rejoice, again we say to you, rejoice.

December 12, 2014, 11 pm

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