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2on2sday HOA test

I haven’t used Hangouts on Air (HOA) for some time because of my illness and this was a test show preliminary to a regular Tuesday afternoon 2on2sday show starting Jan 13 at 2pm GMT insh’Allah. Below you can see the completely unscripted and unedited test run today.

I played the whole thing of the cuff, scrolling through the news from the BBC website on my Android phone.
Obviously, lots of hesitation, um’s and er’s, which doesn’t make for the most engaging viewing. I tried to screenshare a video, which didn’t work (can anyone explain why that might have been?), and also successfully showed the opening page of my new play.
Perhaps in future I’ll do more preparation, print out a script, etc.
Tomorrow I’m hoping to set up my Internet shop, and I’ll report on progress on that later.

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