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Now I’m 84!

A birthday poem and a Beatles parody

Happy birthday, Aquarians

A year hurries by
No use to try
To make it slow

Time is the master
He hurries faster
He makes it go

But lovers can meet
Where dreams are sweet
And backwards flow

Today and tomorrow
May only bring sorrow
We reap and sow

But then in the night time
The moon shines a bright time
And still we know

What we have been
And what we have seen
Sings sweet and low

Our song and our story
Undimmed is the glory
The ebb and flow

Now I’m 84

When I was younger living alone
Many years ago.
Nobody was sending me a Valentine
Didn’t care, I thought it was fine
Now I am older, need someone there
When I close the door
I need you to kiss me, drink up my whisky
Now I’m eighty-four

You’ll be old as me
And if you should come and stay
We can still be free

When it is winter, snow coming down
We can clear the way
Drinking up our cocoa by the fireside
Lie in bed with you by my side
Church on a Sunday, telly at night
Movie shows galore
It’ll be easy, when winter is freezy
Now I’m eighty-four

We can go for long long walks on the Yorkshire moors
If the weather’s fine
And we’ll pick bluebells
Carry them home, put them in a jar
Weave our magic spells

Send me an email, give me a call
Even post a tweet
Really doesn’t matter what you mean to say
If you do it every day
You can be mine, I will be yours
That’s for evermore
You and me only, never be lonely
Now I’m eighty-four

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