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Save BBC3 and BBC Broadcasts

Hello companeras and companeros in entertainment and a’ that: It looks as if

we are losing yet another vital, good media channel: BBC 3. It is part of our

business plan, our way of reaching out. I and 268,000 others urge you to

enter this fray. Of course many of you probably have. But a further push is


The petition is at:


Songs of Love and Politics

BBC Radio 2 broadcast an hour long special programme on Peggy in conversation with Sally Boazman.

You can listen again here:

Celtic Connections performance

The BBC also broadcast a special performance live from the Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow – featuring musicians who had been part of the ‘Blood & Roses’ concert at the Glasgow Royal Concert hall. This video includes Calum and Neill MacColl, Kate St John, Eliza Carthy, Martin Carthy, Norma Waterson and Chaim Tennenbaum.

You can watch this again here:

(sadly this may only be available to UK viewers)



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