A Valentine’s Day Garland

For all my lovers,
past, present, and future.

Love tattoo350x350

I gave my love a Valentine.
She sent it to another.

But each one more to whom it’s sent
enriches all the other.
We draw love from a pitcher,
ever full to overflowing.
Receiving love or taking it,
we don’t know where we’re going.

If I gave to you my chocolate heart

would you bite off a chunk and swallow it down?

If I sent it to you by Royal Mail

would you tell the postman: Return to sender?

If I sent it to you by electronic mail

would you instruct your program to delete it as spam?

If I planted it in your garden

would you root it out and toss it on to the bonfire with all the weeds?

If I stop sending it to you each St Valentine’s Day

will you ever wake this morning wondering where it had got to?

If I hold it here for you for ever in my breast

will you ever learn to come and dance to its heart-beat?

A birthday Valentine

Comes around
Where we’re bound

Once more
New year
You’re there
I’m here

Heather springs
Under foot
Tomorrow’s bloom
Taking root

Skylark sings
Just the same
Of your name

Corn sleeps
Under ground
Lost and found

Seasons change
Warm and cold
New tales
To be told

Februarie woodcut cropped

Dark flower
Deep song
Sweet power
Sing along

Walks in beauty
Day and night
In my heart
Shines a light

Happy since
Knowing you
Ever new

Every day
Blessed now
Come what may


A garden Valentine

My heart is a garden
and you, you are the gardener.

Without your tending
it grew wild and weed-strewn,
trampled down by intrusive feet,
brambled and withered,
a place for wire worms and slugs
to do their slimy worst.

The sun shines through the branches that are your arms.
Your leaves go from green to gold to scarlet to brown,
a mulch that fertilises the ground I tread on.

And then green again as each morning blossoms into a new spring.

And so I have transplanted my heart
into this token of my desire.

Take it; embrace it; water it with your laughter.

Tomorrow, who knows?

It may bear even sweeter fruit.

Our hearts are time machines

warping the fabric of love
to their own devices;
colouring black holes
with the blood-red sword of memory.

No one may escape this eternal now

where even light loops back
illuminating the dancing of my tattooed flesh
with the different drumming of a choir
come out of Africa.

Our very DNA is encoded with genetic errors

which mutate each monstrous chrysalis
into the dazzling brilliance
of butterfly wings.

Hearts borderRDG

All days become Valentines

and each year leaps into the space
between the twelfth and thirteenth chimes
of our pulsebeat.

We are one singularity,

a strange footprint
in the sands of this deserted beach.

Let us run into the waves

and drown once again
in the eternal oneness of infinity.


My neon heart

Scarlet tree

A scarlet tree blossoms in my blood


Red as the God of War



I’d give to you my neon heart.

It blazes over the Piccadilly Circus of my capital.
A scarlet tree blossoms in my blood
and my dreams stand rampant over your sleeping form.

The night is full of stars,

red as the God of War.
A network of canals
funnels the transactions of my memory
across a planetary sky.

The circling universe
is reflected in the dark pools of your eyes,
event horizons from which nothing may escape,
nor would they wish to.

I’d paint your name in letters none but you can read,

since you planted them like arrows in my breast.
I’d throw this alphabet into the sky,
and astrologers would try to read its entrails
in sands we once walked across to a salt sea to be baptised in.

And love comes down

like a dove from an opening in the cloud.
The Jordan valley runs dry,
waiting for our destiny to pull down the rains again
upon the famished earth.

Let’s be foolish one more time

People said we must be crazy
Cos you are you and I am me
The past is dark and the future’s hazy
Today’s as far as I can see

But let’s be foolish one more time
A love like ours is no great crime
There’s too much sense and sensibility
Let’s love the best of our ability
And let’s be foolish one more time.

People said we should know better
At our age love is in the past
The sky is black and stormy weather
Let’s nail our colours to the mast.

So let’s be foolish once again
Be foolish like we can’t remember when
We learned the right way to grow up
Though love can be a bitter cup

Please let’s be foolish once again.
I’ll cast my hat above the rooftops
Not caring where it lands or how
Not knowing how love starts or stops
Living in the eternal now

And let’s be foolish ever more
Tomorrow’s just an open door
Let’s open up its possibility
Make it into a probability
And let’s be foolish ever more.

November 24, 2012

tarot fool

Take 2 – I actually prefer this version to the one I originally placed on Youtube

BELOW: Take 2 video on Youtube

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