In Memoriam Malcolm X, May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965

Political Review

Malcolm X, devout Muslim revolutionary, was murdered by an assassin’s bullet fifty years ago this Saturday. At a time of growing Islamophobia, we need to recall and build on his memory.

Malcolm X videos

Two extracts from writings about Malcolm X.

We need to learn from the example of black Muslim revolutionaries like Malcolm X, and progressive Christians like Jim Wallis and the liberation theologians of Latin America, that the term “fundamentalist” should not be used as a synonym for reactionary, but that the fundamentals of many religious faiths are themselves revolutionary in essence.Only thus can we understand how the ex-pimp Malcolm Little could become Malcolm X, the minister of the Nation of Islam, developing into the advocate of co-operation between different tendencies in black struggle when he founded the Organisation of Afro-American Unity, without in any way abandoning the “fundamentalist” views which fuelled the foundation of the Muslim Mosque…

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