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Adjust Netflix subtitles


Thanks to a combination of teenage rock’n’roll, Israeli stun grenades, and age – I am 84, after all – I need subtitles for my TV viewing. Any show that doesn’t provide subtitles is shut down, sharpish.

Netflix provides subtitles, but the default is so small they can’t really be read on an average-size screen in an average-size room. However, this can be adjusted.

Go to the image icon in the top-right hand corner of the screen and click on Help Centre, then Watching Netflix. Go to “customize the appearance of Netflix subtitles and captions”.

This gives you a choice of fonts, type sizes, type colour, whether subtitles are displayed within a panel, and the colour of that panel if that’s your choice.

Beware, because this will affect all devices, so if you choose an extra-large font size, it will spill off the edges of a smartphone screen, for instance.

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